"2 am"

A girl visits a new city to study further and when she reaches her hostel things start to turn without her conscience and reveal a terrifying story of a haunting past.

"Hope for Dating in LA"

Three professional Los Angeles “Transplants” fed up with dating in LA start their own online dating agency.


A deaf youth struggling to win his father's approval, finds purpose in life through football.

"The Last Vendetta"

A hitman on his last job. A personal vendetta with shocking results.

"Don't Cry"

A loving husband's life is flipped upside down when he hears what he thinks is a voice telling him the last thing he'd ever want to hear.


When several bones belonging to victims of a vicious murder are uncovered, a Detective comes face to face with his worst nightmare.

"Circle of Death"

When Ricky decides to host the reunion, a new card game is introduced, “Circle of Death”, and it changes everything.

"Hollywood Fiction"

When you're determined to make it in Tinseltown you'll stop at nothing to see your name on the Marquee.


"Out of the Pages"

A young writer must escape the arrival of an inevitable creature.


A therapist receives a murder confession from her patient.


A man finds himself trapped in his bathroom as his sanity begins to slowly fade.

"Return to Sender"

A woman is plagued with fear when she learns that her upper class suburban neighborhood is the target of a string of heinous crimes.


Tim Porter, Corporate Affairs Division of the FBI, investigates a possible mole leaking out classified information from Valcom Capital, a Federal Bank.

"The Ineffable Contentment"

A conflicted serial killer has an ambiguous conversation with his unknowing victim about his dark motives.

"Mort in Hope Springs Eternal"

Meet Mort,
 Heartbroken and depressed, Mort is such a loser he can't even successfully kill himself.


A mentally ill orphan tries to fit into his new family.

"The Devil's Keepsake"

Beth is left with the task of un-packing and making the new house feel like home, in doing so she comes across a mysterious item left behind by the previous tenant.