"Out of the Pages"

A young writer must escape the arrival of an inevitable creature.


A therapist receives a murder confession from her patient.


A man finds himself trapped in his bathroom as his sanity begins to slowly fade.

"Return to Sender"

A woman is plagued with fear when she learns that her upper class suburban neighborhood is the target of a string of heinous crimes.


Tim Porter, Corporate Affairs Division of the FBI, investigates a possible mole leaking out classified information from Valcom Capital, a Federal Bank.

"The Ineffable Contentment"

A conflicted serial killer has an ambiguous conversation with his unknowing victim about his dark motives.

"Mort in Hope Springs Eternal"

Meet Mort,
 Heartbroken and depressed, Mort is such a loser he can't even successfully kill himself.


A mentally ill orphan tries to fit into his new family.

"The Devil's Keepsake"

Beth is left with the task of un-packing and making the new house feel like home, in doing so she comes across a mysterious item left behind by the previous tenant.